Di Mori Black Truffles

We bring luxury to your home through the black truffle of Teruel.

The truffles are stored in cold chambers with balanced temperature and humidity for the perfect conservation.

Furthermore, the truffle may be frozen, making it ideal for a multitude of uses throughout the year.

The shipments are carefully chosen, with special packaging which preserves the optimal conditions for delivery to its final destination.

We satisfy the most demanding experts in the world with our Black Truffles produced in Rubielos de Mora (Teruel).

The black truffle

The black truffle is a fungus of the genus Tuber, also known as Tuber Melanosporum. It is of exceptional quality and is nurtured by the fine roots of certain herbs and trees.

Its delicate, unique, unmistakable flavour and intense aroma make it the jewel of the culinary crown.

The most exquisite palates appreciate its value with the pairings that can be made with the best dishes.

Truffles are delicious with everything – rice, pasta, eggs, and even with a simple toast and olive oil.

A luxury that awakens the senses.


The world’s best black truffle is found in the privileged territory of the province of Teruel, within its terrains and mountains.

The continental Mediterranean climate, characteristic of this area, facilitates the production of this high-quality truffle. The scarce precipitations between spring and autumn, the annual thermal balance, the winters and the fresh summers, make this region ideal for the growth and development of the Tuber Melanosporum, obtaining its aroma and unique incomparable flavor.

Trained dogs find ripe truffles at the right time to be harvested.

The truffle is then hand-picked by an expert with special care to dig up the Hidden Treasure, while respecting the landscape and the environment for future production.

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The truffle turns a simple dish into something impeccable worthy of the most discerning palate as it enhances the flavours.

When you taste the Black Truffle of Teruel you get to have an experience beyond the senses.

The Queen of aromas makes the magic reach the kitchen seducing our senses.

The best way to enjoy it is to consume it fresh.


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